Electra Starborn

Retro Guardian of the Galaxy

Tools used: Wacom MSP 16, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop

Modern Skater Witch

Valeri. She's a Deathrock Valley girl witch from Northridge. With a love of halloween, and all things L.A. Deathrock, she rides the skies of the O.C. on her Witch Styx longboard jamming to the likes of 45 Grave, and Cristian Death ( Rozz Version) She rides, because no one walks in LA.

Tools used: Wacom MSP 16, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop

Elf Rogue

This character is a male elf rogue, hailing from a mystical woodland realm. He possesses an agile and slender frame, with long, flowing hair and piercing green eyes. His attire consists of dark, form-fitting leather armor, ideal for stealth and mobility. He is a master of deception and quick reflexes, using his dual daggers to strike swiftly and silently. He is skilled in thievery, lock-picking, and acquiring valuable information. He has a mysterious past and a charming demeanor that makes him adept at both blending into the shadows and charming his way into unsuspecting hearts.

Tools used: Wacom MSP 16, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop


This character is a powerful mage knight who defends their kingdom against dark forces from other dimensions. They wear enchanted leather armor that enhances their strength and agility, and wield a magical sword that can channel their elemental powers. They are skilled in both sword fighting and spell-casting, and have the ability to summon powerful creatures to aid them in battle.

Tools used: Wacom MSP 16, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop

Space Pirate Captain

This character is a captain of a space pirate crew who travels the galaxy in search of treasure and adventure. They wear a flamboyant outfit made of leather and rubber, and their trusty blaster is never far from reach. They have a humanoid form, but their skin is covered in iridescent scales that change color based on their mood. The traditional eye patch has been replaced with a high tech heads up display to aid in battle and space navigation. They are also a skilled fighter and strategist, able to lead the crew to victory against any foe.

Tools used: Wacom MSP 16, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop

Half Orc

Half-Orc Barbarian: This character is a half-orc barbarian, born of mixed heritage. They have a powerful and muscular build, with green skin and prominent tusks. Their long, unruly hair is braided with feathers and bones. They wear minimalistic leather armor and wield a massive greataxe, capable of cleaving through enemies with brutal force. They channel their inner rage into battle, becoming a force of unstoppable fury on the battlefield. Despite their intimidating appearance, they possess a gentle heart and strive for acceptance and understanding in a world that often judges them based on their race.

Tools used: Wacom MSP 16, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop

Dwarf ClerIC

This character is a female dwarf cleric, hailing from a proud lineage of mountain dwellers. She has a stout and sturdy build, with a long beard braided intricately. Her armor is adorned with symbols of her deity, and she wields a warhammer with great skill. She possesses strong faith and a deep connection to the divine, using her healing magic to mend wounds and protect her allies in battle. She carries a tome of ancient scriptures, containing the wisdom of her ancestors.

Tools used: Wacom MSP 16, Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop

Zynga Bingo CharmS
Good Luck Charm characters for a Zynga Bingo Project. Some were seasonal, and others clearly weren't. Most were completed within Flash.

Tools used: Wacom Intuos, Pencil, Flash, Illustrator

Dr. Plague

Woodcut style plague doctor for an art project called "A Heart For Darkness"